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Mugboney Mug and Winter Update

It’s been a while! But in the mean time I have been playing a lot of hanchans in the joukyuu lobby. Going from 2 dan to 3 dan was really tough. At one point I was deranked to 1 dan but on December 1st I made it to 3 dan and have been accumulating points steadily.

I am helping out in the Mugboney Mug. It’s an online tournament hosted by Bugmoney and sponsored by the Pacific Mahjong League (PML) and Doujin Press. I have been commentating since I couldn’t find a team to play with.

The website for the tournament is here: http://www.bugmoney.me/

You can watch the livestreams here: http://www.twitch.tv/BugTourney

For updates follow their twitter https://twitter.com/bugtourney

In the meantime I will be adding slowly to the how to play mahjong section and in addition I will be learning Japanese soon!