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Experiences with Japanese Mahjong


About Me

Hi, xGeo here. A little about myself: I first learned mahjong in the spring of 2013 and immediately loved the game. It took me a while to learn the basics since mahjong is not very popular in the US. A couple months later, I stumbled upon Japanese mahjong through manga and anime and those were my main resources for learning Japanese mahjong. I currently play on Tenhou as xGeo (with a capital G). My goal is to continue improving my mahjong skills since I want to be the best that I can be.

**NOTE** I am xxgeo on WordPress but xGeo on Tenhou.

About Japanese Mahjong

Japanese Mahjong (also known as Riichi Mahjong) is a mahjong variant that arose in Japan during the 20th century. It differs from other variants of mahjong in three major ways. First Japanese mahjong requires you to for a hand pattern (called “yaku”) before declaring a win. Second Japanese mahjong uses no flower tiles. Instead there is a bonus tile called “dora.” Finally Japanese mahjong places a large emphasis on a closed hand. In general, closed hands are worth more than open ones. Therefore tile efficiency is an especially important skill for Japanese mahjong players to master.


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